Go See Get Out!

If you missed it the first time around on the big screen–you must make sure to see Get Out. The film defies genre–I call it–horror/comedy/social commentary. It is out on Blue-Ray now. It is difficult to discuss without spoilers . Think of it as an extremely modern version of Look Whose Coming to Dinner ( look it up) but with unexpected psychological twists. There is so much to take in the first time–it is absolutely worthy of an additional viewing.  I have seen it twice at theatre and at home–I recommend seeing it on the big screen for added creepiness. Just the shot of the trees at the beginning with some of the weirdest music you have ever heard sets the stage for Peele’s debut film. All of the acting is great, especially the leads who play boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought the actor who played the brother was way over the top and took away from the enjoyment of the film but that is my only complaint. See it and comment here–I want to know what you liked and what you didn’t like.


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