Wonder Woman–See it if you like the Superhero genre with a major feminist twist.

I’m not a big fan of superhero movies because there are just too many reboots and bad ones. So I didn’t go looking to see this movie but I did enjoy it and here is why.

Gal Gadot–is a beautiful Israeli actress who kicks some serious butt–but with humour and grace. Before turning to acting she was Ms. Israel and a model. She was also in the Israeli Defense Force for two years. Combine her beauty, her strength, her adorable accent-which is supposed to be Amazonian but is obviously Israeli–and you have a winner. She is also funny, her fish out of water scenes with Chris Pine had me laughing.

It is directed by a woman Patti Jenkins and, as my 16-year-old son reported to me, it is a feminist film. But he liked it and I’m sure most guys will. I heard there was backlash because Gadot is not as buxom as the Wonder Woman of old but once you see her on-screen all  fit and intense, you forget about the need to have her boobs hanging out ( What did that accomplish exactly…?) Watching her protect all the men who had guns with her bare hands did my heart good. When you see a strong woman who can defend herself well–you realize that it is not a typical image in film, even in 2017.

The underlying themes of the film such as good vs. evil, human vs supernatural and man vs woman are thought-provoking. What will it take to make us treasure the world and each other? That is what I was left wondering by Wonder Woman.


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